Kylie King

About Me

Mum to 3 amazing girls
Award-winning Hypnotherapist and Confidence Coach
Founder of Penrith-Blue Mountains Ladies in Business
Founder of The Phoenix Within Publishing
Founder of Australian Ladies in Business Initiative (ALIBI)
#1 Bestselling Author and motivational speaker

How it all began…

Penrith-Blue Mountains Ladies in Business community started in November 2018 via a Facebook group. 

Kylie, who at the time was a Mum to a 2 year old and a newborn was looking for a safe community she could learn from and a supportive space that she could share her successes and faceplants as she began her journey in the world of being a business owner. 

After leaving her senior retail management role and graduating with a Masters in Business, she was ready to take on the goal of working from home around her family. When Kylie couldn’t find a community that fit her needs, she decided to create her own and that was how this community came to be. 

In a few short years, this community has gone from strength to strength and has become a role model for other similar community groups which ladies have started in their search to create their own supportive and proactive communities.

With regular monthly events which are held in the evenings and during the day, partnerships with TAFE and watching each of the members chase the success they dream about – the community of Penrith-Blue Mountains Ladies in Business is the place you’ve been looking for.

We have a FREE Facebook Community which all ladies in business who reside and work in the Penrith-Blue Mountains area are invited to join. 

We only charge for the meetings/events that you attend. 

We look forward to connecting with you in the future and learning about you, your business and what success means to you.

Penrith Blue Mountain Ladies in Business
Penrith Blue Mountain Ladies in Business
Penrith Blue Mountain Ladies in Business Group Photo

What the members say…

This group is so much more than a networking group. As a sole operator, I consider this group to be my work mates group. I come to nearly every meeting because:
A. It’s fun catching up with the amazing ladies.
B. Kylie King always bring an interesting speaker to help us better ourselves and our business.
The latest was a free marketing course in TAFE! How amazingis that! And I learnt so much and now continue to explore other courses.
Kylie, is such a great leader. Always thinking how this group can benefit us. She set it up with a welcoming, laid back and positive attitude.
I am so grateful to be part of this group.”
Michal Gabriel

Michal Gabriel Beauty and Brow

I am so grateful to be part of such an amazing group of ladies. Everyone with the same frame of mind. We can be sole traders, part of a small or large business but all with a common goal, to grow in a positive way, in an encouraging environment.
A great network that opens your eyes to so many different possibilities.
Our community needs people like us and women like Kylie with phenomenal leading skills.
The Social Media Marketing TAFE course was a great success. It helped me understand the different tools we have at hand, and how to better use social media marketing. It showed us the different perspectives of social media and the best way to use it to our advantage.
Big shout out to you Kylie King for making this a reality.
I can now feel confident enough to better lead my Shebah Rideshare NSW group, and how to improve our marketing strategies, using one of the most common tools these days, Social Media.”
Adriana Alcaino

Shebah Rideshare Penrith and Nepean

This group has definitely helped me and my little business!! I am so grateful I found it from support, to gaining connections, business and even a great opportunity I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Kylie you are amazing for running it! Thank you!”

Molly Chand

Belsi Artificial Flower Designs

Are you a member of our Penrith-Blue Mountains Ladies in Business private Facebook group:
for regular updates and to network with other local ladies in a safe,
non-judgemental, motivating, inspirational and fun environment.

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