How long do you meetings go for?
They go for 2 hours.

How often are your meetings?
We run meetings twice a month.
Generally every 2nd Monday night of the month and every 4th Tuesday of the month.
This may change due to school holidays or public holidays. 

How much are tickets and how do I purchase?
To attend the meeting, tickets cost $20.
This will increase in price to $25 commencing July 2021.
Scroll up and have a look at each event. 
Find one that interests you and click the PayPal button underneath it. 

Where is the meeting held?
It is held in the function room at the Emu Sports Club previously known as the Leonay Golf Club

Can I only purchase a ticket through PayPal?
No, please feel free to message me through Facebok or head to the contact page and send me an email.
I can send you an invoice for the event and my bank account details.

What does the agenda look like?

  • A quick introduction and welcome for me plus housekeeping.
  • A chance to introduce yourself and your business.
  • Listen to our fantastic Guest Speaker who will share with us their area of expertise – a great chance to pick their brain about their chosen subject.
  • We draw two lucky door prizes which have been donated by our amazing Event Sponsors
  • Time for networking

Are refreshments included?
No, there will be water available and some mentos or sugar hits on the table.
Refreshments can be purchased from the bistro/cafe at Emu Sports Club

How early should I arrive?
The intention is to start at 7pm on Monday nights and 11am on Tuesdays.
If you are attending a night event – a few of the ladies come half an hour early to have dinner together and on Tuesdays they stay back to have lunch together.

What should I bring?
A positive attitude, a notebook and pens and your business cards or POPL.
Some notepads and pens are available on the tables.
This thread provides some good insight.…/permalink/2886654668247226/

Can I bring vouchers or products to show off my stuff?
Yes, please do – we have a table designated to show off your wares and vouchers and it makes for a good conversation starter when its time to network. You also may make a sale.

Do I need to wear a business suit?
We have a very relaxed atmosphere. The intention of these meetings are to provide a safe space for ladies to connect and network in business and to share their successes and faceplants while also expanding their knowledge by learning something new for their business, mindset or life.

Why should I attend?
Putting a face to the name and meeting people is great to keep you at the forefront of their mind for referrals and also to build the “Like, Know, Trust” relationship.

Do I have to attend every meeting?
No, not at all – this is why I don’t have a subscription fee. Just attend the meetings that call out to you. Look at the guest speakers for something you’d like to learn or even the Event Sponsors for a chance to go home with an amazing lucky door prize.

“I feel too anxious/not confident enough to attend.”
Feel free to come early (I get there about an hour beforehand) if you’d be more comfortable to meet me first and see the room and how its set up.
I have also created a free hypnotherapy recording to give your confidence a boost before the meeting that you can listen to.

What happens if I meet someone at the meeting and didn’t get a chance to get their details?
After the meeting, I will do a post in the Facebook group to thank everyone who attended and give them an opportunity to share their businesses and details with us so we can stay connected.

How do I become a Guest Speaker?
Guest Speakers share their “genius zone” with the group for about 30-45 minutes. 
Come along to a meeting and then let me know if its something you’d be interested in doing and what you’d like to share with the group.
Preference is given to those who attend events. 
Please fill out this form:

How do I become an Event Sponsor?
Event sponsors are limited at 2 per event.
I would recommend being an event sponsor to an event you are attending so you have the opportunity to talk about what you are contributing as a lucky door prize for the meeting.
Please fill out this form:

Are your events child friendly?
Yes, please feel free to bring your kids along – I will have my youngest with me at future events.

Are the tickets tax deductible?
Yes, I believe so however I am not an accountant so I would speak to your accountant/bookkeeper to make sure.

What are you Covid-19 requirements?
As we are at Emu Sports Club in their function room – we follow the venue’s covid-19 restriction requirements. So you must sign in at the venue before coming into the function room.

Got a question I haven’t covered?
Head to the contact form and send me an email. 

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